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Cards scultures BirdMobiles are set of fully coloured parts to be assembled relatively easily by novice or expert yet providing both with hours of creative enjoyment and interest. Each piece has been designed for simplicity, ease of construction and strudural efficiency. Providing that parts are assembled in numerical order as instructed, correct shape and fit is assured. The entire assembly process is very comprehensively displayed with explicit illustrations showing shape and positioning of every piece.

  european robin
european robin

erithacus rubecula

the completed sculpture: 14.5cm X 22.5cm

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  little owl
little owl

athene noctua
the completed sculpture 21.5cm X 37cm

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falco colombarius (male)

The completed sculpture: 25cm X 53cm

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The Osprey parts have been evolved over a period of four years. No less than eight wing, four body and innumerable head designs were made before the final concept was released. After considerable research nothing has been spared in this attempt to portray all parts of the bird as accurately as possible within the limitation of print and material. Colour, size and patterning are representative of the five subspecies found throughout the world. The majority of surface detail has been painted directly from a preserved specimen from which many measurements have been taken. As an Osprey would be incomplete without a fish hanging from those awesome talons, the one portrayed is that of the average Brown Trout taken by the bird from the inland lakes of the British Isles .

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