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to allow a better knowledge of the birds and bird calls, we published "GUIDES". bird by bird, you will know what it resembles, where and how it saw and what personalizes it bird call by bird call, you will learn the right handling and the good breath.

  le CD
le CD

Hear, discover, learn to recognize the song and the cries of the everyday birds which surround us. Recorded by Claude Chappuis, a famous French ornithologist, these 66 familiar birds are presented, depending on the species, by territorial song, warning or contact cry, flight song, etc.
The booklet which is combined with the CD brings you all the additional elements to learn more about the bird, its life, its word.

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  le guide des appeaux
le guide des appeaux

Pour permettre une meilleure connaissance des oiseaux et des appeaux, nous avons édité "LE GUIDE DES APPEAUX". oiseau par oiseau, vous saurez à quoi il ressemble, où et comment il vit et ce qui le personnalise. appeau par appeau, vous apprendrez le juste maniement et le bon souffle. en plus, il y a des renseignements utiles sur les oiseaux (conseils et adresses) et des recommandations sur l'usage de nos appeaux. Ce livre est indispensable.

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